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Drama Club

The St. Ambrose Middle School Drama Club enjoyed a very successful and FUN year.  With the understanding that Drama Education positively impacts students’ self-confidence, imagination, empathy, cooperation/collaboration skills, concentration and communication skills, Mrs. Heil and Mrs. Preston provided weekly activities that allowed students to grow in these areas.  Favorites were the “Hat Game”, “This is NOT a spoon”, build-a-machine, commercials, mirror game, tongue twisters, picture charades, storytelling activities, and “throwing the rubber chicken”. 

In addition, the Drama Club participants performed various readers’ theater skits for a Spooktacular Halloween presentation and organized and starred in a special Christmas event for the rest of the student body. The pinnacle for the Drama Club was our production of “Happily Ever After” on April 7th and 8th, which highlighted the talents of 26 5th-8th grade actors, as well as a talented crew of 8 students.  A result of close to 4 months of REALLY hard work and lots of rehearsing, the spring musical has moved into place as an honored and celebrated St. Ambrose tradition.  It was great fun to work on learning blocking, memorizing lines, understanding stage directions, learning choreography and 12 different songs, practicing projection and being “in character”, and sharing our talents with our friends and family! 

Karie Preston and Jean Heil are sponsors of this club.  Please contact them via FastDirect for questions.

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