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Duo March and Anti-Bullying Events

DUO is Do Unto Others (an anti-bullying program sponsored by BJC Healthcare) that St. Ambrose is a grant recipient of.  There are ongoing efforts to educate students about anti-bullying or generally treating others appropriately. Teachers communicate information to parents on related issues, such as social media and cyberbullying. DUO (Do Unto Others) activities which continue to be used in school are journal writing, weekly meetings, mediation efforts, and student guidance by staff members.  Parents are notified by staff when issues arise between students. Speakers do come into the school to address social media behavior and safety during Catholic Schools Week every year.  To acquire more information about the DUO program, please contact Marcy Fessler, 4th Grade Teacher.

St. Ambrose Catholic School attempts to provide a safe, bully-free environment for all individuals. In 2010, St. Ambrose began using the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program (OBPP). This program was developed by Dr. Dan Olweus, Ph.D. He is considered the "father" of bullying research. OBPP is a schoolwide program that focuses on long term change that creates a safe and positive school climate. OBPP is a research-based, K-12 program that helps reduce and prevent bullying problems and improves peer relations among school children. The St. Ambrose staff has been trained in recognizing bullying behavior and helping students do the same, conducting student interventions, and conducting weekly class meetings. Each year, St. Ambrose surveys students about bullying situations in the school in order to make our school a safe, bully-free school.  Questions about the program may be directed to Marcy Fessler at

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