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St. Ambrose Parent Association (SAPA)

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What is SAPA?

The St. Ambrose Parents’ Association (SAPA) is group of dedicated parents who assist with fundraising and school activities to support the school.  SAPA is open to every parent who has a child at St. Ambrose.  We meet the third Wednesday of every month at 6pm in the Community Center. 

The mission of SAPAi is to support St. Ambrose School through volunteer work, funding efforts, parent education, and sponsoring and coordinating various events within the school community.  Our goal is to support educational opportunities for our students while also supporting the Administration’s efforts to enhance the teaching and learning environment. We also strive to foster pride in St. Ambrose School by building and sustaining community among the parents, students, faculty, administrators, staff, and alumni.  

We have had several fundraisers this year thanks to the dedication of our parents who volunteer to plan and organize these events – Golf Tournament, Applefest, Trivia Night, and the Auction.  The proceeds from these events helped to fund Grandparents’ Day, playground improvements, bus transportation for field trips, teacher appreciation gifts, teacher stipends, and teacher classroom needs.

SAPA also has many parents that helped to organize school social activities to help build lasting memories and strong bonds between students, teachers, staff, and parents.  Some of these activities included ice cream social, Grandparents Day, Bookfair, Father/Daughter Dance, Mother/Son Outing, Catholic Schools Week,, and the School Social.

This year has been busy, and there are many new exciting plans for 2019-2020. Please come out and be part of an organization that is making a difference at St. Ambrose!

Officers for 2019-2020 are the following:


President- Shonna Schrock

Vice President- Sarah Anderson

Secretary- Keri Buchanan

Treasurer- Mary Jo Zykan

Fundraising Director- Melany Bechtold

School Activites- Sarah Hess

Public Relations- Peggy Kory

Recruitment Director- Delfina Dornes

Class Reps

Pre K 3-  Trent and Megan LaBrenz (1)

Pre K 4- Ashleigh Schroeder / Kate Hoefert (1)

Kindergarten- Maggie Kohl (1)

1st Grade-  Susan Stirnaman (1)

2nd Grade- Jenny Schwigen (1)

3rd Grade- Mary Kline (2)

4th Grade- Sarah Anderson (2)

5th Grade- Keri Buchanan (1)

6th Grade- Christina Brown (1)

7th Grade- Lindsey Hamberg (1)

                   Jen Ingram- Space Camp

8th Grade- Tom Brinkman (1) Patty Rhodes (1)

Volunteer Hour Record Form

Past Meeting Minutes: 

Meeting Minutes 8-21-19

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Meeting Minutes 11-20-19

Meeting Minutes 1-15-20

Meeting Minutes 2-20-19

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