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School Social

The School Social is a half-day of fun/games for the kids including lunch and a school assembly at the end with a contest or group participation event. Events began after recess for each group. Pre-school is invited to

take part, but only with a parent/guardian leading them. Grades are then split K-4 and 5-8. The groups rotate from lunch, to recess, to upper lot or gym games, then back field events and games.

The date of the event is usually the early part of May on a Friday before school is out for the summer.

Volunteer Hours Earned

Chairperson: 1 person 15-20 Hours

One person to run the show, coordinate volunteers, and liaison with principal and Parents Association.

Subcommittee - Set up: 8 people 4 Hours (appx)

(Should take an hour) Start at 8 a.m.

Set up tents on the upper lot.

Collect games from St. Peter’s Hardware.

Collect games from TNI.

Collect games from school. Set up snack area on upper lot.

Place games on upper lot and back field. Set up trash cans in

both areas, possibly pull from gym after lunch, or from elsewhere.

Subcommittee - upper lot games: 6-8 volunteers 2.5 Hours (appx)

Little kid games and a bounce house for kids grade 3 and under. Games could be added to appeal to the other kids… like a sports themed contest, etc. Open to suggestions.

Subcommittee - lunch/snacks: 6-8 volunteers

Help serve and help kids in the gym (more for lower grades). In the past, lunch was grilled hot dogs,

chips, a cookie and water (or milk if they ordered that). Kids could also bring their own lunch. Snacks

include popcorn (from Baxter’s), snow cones, and bottled water. Snow cone machine donated from St.

Peters but we buy the syrup and cups. Bottled water is usually donated by parents. Snacks were served on the upper lot.

Supplies needed: bags for popcorn, large coolers to hold ice for snow cones, and coolers to ice down water.

Subcommittee - field games: 6-8 volunteers to help at each station

Mostly “field games” like relay races, giant dice, parachute, football throw, etc.

Some games have been borrowed from The Nature Institute in the past, plus items from the school. It’s

pretty much whatever works! You only have as many games as you have volunteers. Kids are divided

into groups and then make the rounds to each game. Staying around 10-15 minutes per game. One stop

could be the swings/playground especially for younger kids. Older kids need to stay busy.


Note: Lunch volunteers can also serve for field games, but probably not for upper lot games since those

begin with preschoolers around 11:30.

End Event: (about 2pm) First year we did a “pie in the face” for teachers. Last year was a

dance contest. It’s a way to get the kids back to the gym, say thanks for a great school year and then do

something fun before heading back to classrooms at about 2:25


The School Social is chaired by Mary Jo Zykan.  If you are interested in helping or donating items, please contact Mary Jo via FastDirect.

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