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As a leader in educational technology integration, St. Ambrose Catholic School has earned that reputation with our leading-edge 1:1 program in the Middle School grades, since its inception in the 2012-2013 school year. It features the dynamic, multi-learning-style capabilities of iPad technology.

Our technology program exists solely for our students and teachers. They are the ones who have turned iPads into transformational learning tools. Our technology program is built on the philosophy that true technology integration can only happen when flexible machines are put in the hands of capable faculty and students.

Toward that end, every student in the 6th through 8th grades and every faculty member has an iPad. Our Kindergarten through 3rd grade classrooms all have 3-4 Netbooks that are updated and available for small group and individual work. Students work on their LA and Math skills through the utilization of MobyMax in both their homeroom classrooms and during their Technology Class time.  Preschool through 8th grades also have daily/weekly access to an updated Tech Lab that includes 8 PCs, 12 Chromebooks and 12 iPads as well as 1 moveable cart of iPads, to be utilized by students at the discretion of their teachers and their need. Each classroom is equipped with a SmartBoard (Interactive Whiteboard) and AppleTV. Apple technology is the backbone of our program, from which spring a host of impressive technologies and student success.

Our STEM team works diligently to encourage the use and integration of technology across all curricula and our teachers include 21st Century Skills and technology standards in all their lesson planning.

iPad/Internet Agreement - Grades 6-8

Internet Agreement - Grades 4-5

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